placeholder for centos 5.4 install on macbook pro.

Why CentOS 5.4 64bit you ask? Because that is the production system that I use for my website.  As I have mentioned on some other posts, I try not to live on the bleeding edge  unless there is good reason.  I had previously ran fedora on a live system, and the updates just killed me.

My macbook pro is a late 2009 model (I got in in October) 2.8 GHz with 4Gb mem and 320Gb drive (soon to be 120Gb patriot SSD).

First of all partition the disk ahead of time.  Just roughly the command is:

sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 200G "MS-DOS" "CentOS" 80G "MS-DOS" "Windows 7" 30G

put in centos disk into drive

boot the computer, and hold down ‘c’

enter (default install)




Choose create custom layout (from the top combo box)


click on /dev/sda3

click edit

set mount point to /

change format partition to ext3

click ok

click next

click yes

click format

click next


choose location Next

root pass next

pick packages

next (does the install)

(cd will eject when done)

click Reboot

My system hun on “Restarting system.” so after a few minutes I held the power button down for5 seconds to power it down.

the started back up

synced the gpt

click reboot on the refit menu


  1. doodie says:

    i tried following your instructions, minus a few things…

    – i wiped out osx just to single boot co5_4
    – i created 1 ms-dos partition from disk utils
    – chose a custom layout and changed sda2 to ext3 and made it “/”
    – booted from the efit disk and synced the gpt

    on boot now, i still get “missing operating system”

    do i need to try and reinstall grub?

    ive tried many different things but have not been successful, any suggestions?


  2. cameron says:

    So you just want centos 5.4 on your macbook? or you are putting centos and windows on it?

    And which boot gives you missing o/s?

    I had to mess with grub in one instance to get it to boot.

    But first best to know what you are trying to do ..



  3. doodie says:


    I just want centos 5.4 on the mbp.

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