Maybe I’m spoiled from the CVS integration into eclipse.  But certain things about subclipse are terrible (sorry I can’t compare to subversive since I didn’t try it yet).  But when I do team -> replace with -> latest from repository, then I expect it to say “are you sure” and then just do it.  Not complain, blah .. try cleanup .. blah .. it’s not a working copy.  Make it one. argghh…

(on the flip side, the command line interface seems since, but I like the graphical compare).

Okay .. one more gripe:

The best thing about svn so far is the ability to delete (which is *so* annoying in CVS), but, you have to mark it in svn ignore (which you can’t do at commit time .. annoying) *and* you have to do an update after the delete else it’s not a current version.  This is true when you either delete a file, or you add one to svnignore.

I had once considered moving from CVS to SVN for the previous business.  We taught many people how to use CVS through eclipse (perhaps 40-50 people, many not very technical).  But the things that go wrong with eclipse and SVN are such a pain, I wouldn’t recommend such a transition (and I was to do it again, I would have to think long about actually just starting with SVN).

okay, another gripe:

Need the feature: ignored resources (global ignore) inside eclipse (not sure if it exists outside svn).

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