I guess people usually complain when they post about their various dealings with companies, and well, this post will be no different.

My first problem was that my server died after a few days, so this was fixed within a day or two, and they gave me 1-2 months free. Good for some, okay for me.

Now I’m trying to upgrade to 64 bit centos.  They don’t support it! (some comment about don’t support it on older servers), and they won’t let me upgrade my server till the 1 year contract expires in September (6 months away!) crazy!!

On the bright side, they did provide information for me to do it myself. (on the downside, it didn’t work, but that’s a pending issue, I’m sure I’ll get it going).

Also on the downside: 24/7 support.  Well, actually they don’t have 24/7 support for their dedicated servers.  At least according to the lady I just called (it’s 6:44am Friday there), and she said they don’t open till 9:30am.  Crazy stuff (and the reason for this post.  Because my server is down, I can’t reboot it, I can’t get kvm access to it, and .. well .. it’s down .. not good). Perhaps I’m spoiled by “theplanet” in the US (but their UK servers are too expensive for me $300/mo).

Can’t upgrade the server .. that’s just crazy…


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