One thing that I always found annoying was that in Parallels, I would hit Control-Option to get back to the mac, but the parallels screen would stay there (in my case CentOS 64bit). I generally have goo separation of tasks between Mac and CentOS, so when I switch, I want all of the Parallels windows to go away. Turns out the solution is really easy: Apple Spaces. This post describes how I set it up.

1. Select Apps -> Utilities

2. Select Spaces

3. The first time a message appears saying that Spaces is not setup. Click “Set Up Spaces”.

4. Next check “Enable Spaces”, check “Show Spaces in menu bar”.  Next, I really just wanted two screens so that I can easily toggle between them, so I hit – on  Rows (Whoops, I highlighted the wrong one 🙂 ). Then click the “+” to add an application, and choose Other…

5. Click on Parallels Desktop, and click “Add”.

Next I clicked just to the right of Parallels Desktop, and changed the space to Space 2. And I wanted to use the “alt” key (the option key), to do the switching, so I changed “To switch between spaces:” and “To switch directly to a space” to use the alt key (see picture).

So now when I want to switch between CentOS and mac, I use the arrow keys “Alt-Right” and “Alt-Left”.

So much better now.

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