Not building tags and branches into the base system on svn seems like a bad idea. Shouldn’t these be the easiest things to do? I just want mark the current files as a release I made, but apparently, svn projects should be laid out a particular way.
This is a sure sign that the tool is not helping but hindering when you have to organize your files to suit the tool. It’s not unreasonable to make small changes in your project to make your life easier, but if the top level has to be rearranged, then you know you are in for some pain.


svn tag “My tag” .

fancy that, easy to use…


  1. Dave says:

    Yeah, things work a little different to CVS … I remember uttering plenty of “WTF, that’s stupid!” when I first started using svn, but you get there in the end 🙂

    At least as of 1.5 they finally have proper merge tracking! Prior to that we were using svnmerge, a Python script, to handle branch merges. Just switched to native svn merge tracking.

    It’s not mandatory to lay your repository out with trunk, tags and branches directories at the top-level but most everything defaults to that so it just makes things a whole lot easier if you go with the flow and do the same.

    We’ve just started using the Eclipse Mylyn connector for Redmine, works fantastic and having access to Redmine directly in Eclipse saves a lot of time. If you’re using some other issue tracking system like Trac, etc. there are of course connectors for those too.

    If you’re not already using Mylyn, give it a whirl, you’ll like it!

  2. cameron says:

    Well it’s not bad enough that I switched back to CVS. The deleting of directories will probably mean I’ll never go back to CVS (you can’t delete dir without hacking the repository). What amazes me is all the conflicts I get with myself!!

    I’m using 1.6.5, but still plenty of problems… nothing I can’t overcome, but the tagging and the svn:ignore thing really bothered me.

    I could probably get around the tagging with an alias that writes the current version to a file with a tag..
    svntag “blah” .
    would write to .tags file (or something) and append the current version and the tag.

    I’m slowly moving away from eclipse for everything except java (and some bigger checkins), so not sure I’ll use mylyn. The problem with eclipse is it is bogging down under the load of all the data files (100k+). If I end up using it a lot again, I’ll give it a run …


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