I need to share my cdrom over the internet, so this is what I did.
I’m using windows7 for the drive (don’t worry, I’m sharing a Centos CD for a remote install).

The quick steps are:

1. Turn off windows firewall.
2. Share the drive
3. Forward ports 135-139, 445 from your router to the machine (tcp and udp).
4. Access the drive as //ip.address.whatever/cdrom

1. Turn off the firewall

Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Firewall.

Then on left, click: Turn Windows Firewall on or off.  And I turned it off for public and home, then click ok. (don’t forget to turn it back on later).

2. Share the drive.
I insert the CentOS 5.4 64 bit CD into the drive.

Hit Windows-E, then right click on the CDROM (D:)

Share with -> Advanced Sharing…

Click Advanced Sharing

Check “Share this folder”

Change Share name to cdrom (or whatever, you don’t need to change it).

click permissions.  Now check that only “Read” is “Allow” for “Everyone”.

Now the share is available is \\my.ip.address\cdrom

Also note that running this over Samba worked even easier, and I recommend doing that instead of sharing from a windows box.

If you are doing a remote CentOS install, you (most probably) should use the network install. That way the remote machine can use a local mirror to get all the RPM’s, rather than going back to your CD to get it. It was an interesting exercise to install CentOS on a machine in the UK, when I’m sitting here in Brisbane, Australia.

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