I’m almost certain this is wrong, but I’m keeping it as a note for myself:

I bought a macbook in October last year. It obviously cost more than $1000, and since I did not buy it in Australia there is not GST component (however, you might need to pay customs duty on entry to the country .. depending).

How do I depreciate this asset?

After some research, it seems that you depreciate laptops over 3 years.

Using flat line depreciation: (equal each year).
Let’s say it’s $2001, and I bought it 18th October, 2009

First calculate number of days I didn’t have it
31+31+30+18 (number of days in july, aug, ..) = 110
Depreciation per year – $2000/3=$667.
Depreciation year end 2010: 2000/3*(365-110)/365 = $465
Depreciation 2011: 667
Depreciation 2012: 667
Depreciation 2013 (110 days) = rest = 201 (2000/3*110/365 = 200)

Also note that as far as I know, there is no rule to say it has to be bought in Australia! Crazy, so you also get the 50% small business tax concession
(so you can claim an additional $1000 in this case (2000*50%) on your tax return for 2010).

This is not tax advise, nor financial advise, and I am not qualified to give either. But if you need help loosing money on the stock market, follow my lead.

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